Wedding Advice 01 -Ask For, And Accept Help From Family And Friends!

Wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful! Brides & grooms-to-be need to enlist the help of their loved ones to make their big day unforgettable. Saying 'I do' is the easy part – it's planning the wedding that's tough! No bride or groom should have to go it alone! It is important to of rely on your support systems to make your wedding dreams come true. The road to the altar can be bumpy, but it's a lot smoother with a little assistance!


Oluwabunmi Popoola

2/16/20231 min read

So! 2014 was the year I exchanged vows.

I was excited about my upcoming wedding, but I had no idea how to plan it. I had always dreamed of a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family, but had no idea where to start. As the days went by, I became more and more stressed out.

My family and friends could see that I was anxious, and they knew they had to step in to help. They all came through for me. They got involved in offering to help me find the perfect venue, processing the online purchase of my wedding gown, selecting the cake and decoration vendor, designing the invites, catering for the guests and more.

They knew how much this day meant to me, and they wanted to do everything they could to make it perfect. As the big day approached, I began to feel more and more confident.

With the help of my family and friends, everything was coming together perfectly. And when the day finally arrived, it was a smooth ride all the way.

I couldn't help but feel grateful for all the help I had received from my loved ones. I knew that without their help, my wedding day never would have been the same.

In summary, my first piece of advice to you would be to accept help from your family and friends when they offer it and never be afraid to ask for it before you get too overwhelmed.

Watch out for episode 2!

Biiiiiiiiiiig Huuuuggggzzzzz!

Oluwabunmi Popoola.