Wedding Advice 02: Contain your Anger!

Don't let wedding planning drive you crazy!


Oluwabunmi Popoola

2/20/20232 min read


Once upon a time, there was a bride named Sarah who was getting married. However, she was always angry and stressed during the wedding planning process. She would constantly argue with her relatives and vendors, never satisfied with their suggestions and constantly finding fault with their work.

Despite their efforts to please her, Sarah's anger only escalated as the wedding day approached; she continued lashing out at her wedding planner, bridesmaids, vendors and family for even the slightest mistakes. Everyone around noticed Sarah's angry demeanor and many of them became uncomfortable, causing the atmosphere to become tense and unpleasant.

Sarah's anger reached its peak. She became so frustrated with everyone and everything. After the wedding, Sarah realized the error of her ways and the damage her anger had caused. Many of her relatives and vendors refused to work with her in the future, and her reputation as a difficult bride preceded her. She became lonely and regretted the way she treated everyone during the planning process.

In the end, Sarah learned that it's important to control her emotions and treat others with kindness and respect, especially during special events like weddings. She realized that a positive attitude can make all the difference in creating a beautiful and memorable occasion.

Rage could lead to:
1. Strained relationships: Can cause damage to your personal relationships with family and friends, potentially causing rifts that may be difficult to repair.
2. Reputation damage: Your behavior can lead to a negative reputation among wedding planners, vendors, and other industry professionals, making it difficult for you to find support in the future.
3. Poor wedding atmosphere: Your anger can create a tense and unpleasant atmosphere at the wedding, making it a stressful and unhappy event for everyone involved.
4. Increased costs: Your anger and dissatisfaction can lead to delays and additional costs as vendors may charge extra fees for last-minute changes or added stress.
5. Decreased support: It could lead to decreased support from friends and family who may be less likely to assist with wedding planning and preparation.
6. Unsatisfactory wedding outcome: You may in the end, have a wedding that falls short of expectations, with miscommunications, mistakes, and other issues that can detract from the special day.
7. Regret: You may later regret your behavior and the negative impact it had on your special day and your relationships with your loved ones.

So, yes! Family, friends etc., sometimes irk us. Trust me! I know some can be extremely overbearing!

You just need to learn how to respond and not react to them. Politely let them know your stand and what you do not approve of.

However, you choose to respond, please avoid been a cranky bride!

Say Cheese,
Oluwabunmi Popoola.